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Pathways provides professional and effective services for the prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse problems:


  • A detoxification unit for individuals with-drawing from substances
  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient clinical services (individual and group therapy)
  • Inpatient residential services for male adolescent substance abusers
  • Assessment, education and treatment programs for driving under the influence (DUI) offenders
  • Strong family programs and recovery support services
  • Specialized services for chemically-dependent victims of domestic violence
  • Dual disorders services for people with severe mental illness and substance abuse diagnosis
  • Victim advocacy services to provide crisis intervention, hospital and court advocacy, educational programs and training for victims of rape and sexual abuse




Addiction Residential Plus

Addiction Residential Plus is a nonmedical setting, is designed to be the first phase of treatment for individuals who want addictions treatment but who do not require full medical attention during the withdrawal period. Located in Ashland, the unit operates 24 hours a day to provide services such as assessments, evaluation, prevention, and referrals. The program is 10-14 days and is modeled on research-based material from Hazelden.


Outpatient Addiction Services

Outpatient services are available in each of the 10 counties in the Pathways service area. Services include individual, family and group counseling for alcohol and other addiction problems, educational sessions, and referral to vocational services and self-help groups. Intensive Outpatient treatment also is provided.


Intensive Outpatient

Pathways’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets in a group setting and is therapeutic counseling for individuals in need of a more rigorous substance abuse treatment program.


Dual Disorders

The Dual Disorders Program provides services for individuals who have both mental illness and substance abuse problems. The program seeks to improve the quality of life for consumers and their families and enable them to function at optimum levels. Activities include outreach, evaluation, case management, treatment, advocacy, home visitation and recreation.


Women’s Services

Women’s Services is a specialized treatment program focused on women and their families, combining education, intervention and primary treatment. Individual and group therapy as well as case management services are available to the women. Free child care and transportation are available upon request to assist the women in utilizing our services. Educational programs are available upon request. A Welfare to Work project provides case finding, case education and assessment activities for hard to employ welfare recipients who are victims of domestic violence and are chemically dependent.


Victim Advocacy Services

Victim Advocates are on 24-hou call to respond to requests for assistance to victims of rape or sexual assault. In addition to direct services, Advocates provide education about the criminal justice system, help victims cope with their emotional reactions to the crime, facilitate communication among agencies, and notify the victim of significant events such as court appearances related to investigation and prosecution in the victim’s case.


Adolescent Addiction Services

Adolescent Addiction Services offers specially-designed assessment, case management, consultation, education, intervention, and treatment for adolescents and their families. School-based services are available upon request. Long-term residential services are available at Hillcrest Hall in Mount Sterling.


DUI Assessment, Referral, Education and Treatment

This service provides assessment, referral, education and treatment for individuals who have been convicted of driving under the influence. For DUI information, call (606) 324-6808 or toll free in Kentucky, (800) 718-0377.



KIDS NOW Plus is a program funded by the Early Childhood Development Authority using Tobacco Settlement funds to help identify and provide services for women at risk for substance use during pregnancy. The Addiction Program offers program participants case management and referral for treatment services. Two forms of case management services are offered by the KIDS NOW Plus program: 1) direct face-to-face encounters with clients and 2) telephone contacts to arrange services or to assess needs for referrals to treatment and other services. The program also employs an outreach “pre-treatment” approach to engage women in services, promote abstinence, and help women accept substance abuse and/or behavioral health treatment.


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