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Pathways, Inc., offers a complete selection of mental health care services for individuals with emotional, mental or behavioral health problems:


  • Psychiatric evaluations and chemotherapy
  • Outpatient psychotherapy
  • Family and child treatment services
  • Clinical services for the aged
  • Case management services
  • Psychological assessments




Community Support Services

This service is designed to assist persons over 21 with persistent mental health problems who would benefit from case management services, skills development, and individual, family or group therapy. Illness education for families and consumers is also provided. Our psychiatrists are available for evaluation, consultation, and medication management. Community Support programs are available throughout the ten county region.



Pathways operates a 15-unit independent living complex, Evergreen Square, a 15-bed group home, Pollard Place, in Ashland, and a three-bedroom home for independent living in Mount Sterling, for residential services for persons with mental illness.


Outpatient Services

Pathways Outpatient Mental Health Services provide quality and confidential mental health care for people of all ages. We assist consumers by an array of modalities including individual counseling, school-based counseling, collateral services, intensive after-school therapy, and medication management. Brief counseling aimed at problem resolution is our focus. While any particular course of counseling may be brief, our commitment to our consumers is long term. Many people find it helpful to know that they may return in the future should other problems arise. Psychological assessments also are offered.


Therapeutic Rehabilitation

The Pathways Therapeutic Rehabilitation program is designed for adults with severe mental illness who require care for less than 24 hours per day, but more than outpatient counseling.

The goal-oriented purpose of therapeutic rehabilitation program is to ensure that a person with a psychiatric disability possesses the skills needed to live, learn, and work in his or her own community. Individual goals may include improved functioning for some, stabilization for others.


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