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CSU Family Support Staff - Walker House/Rowan County   

Educational Requirements:  High School Education 

Duties/Responsibilities: The Crisis Stabilization Unit Family Support Staff will assist in providing a safe, secure, supervised 24-hour environment for stabilization of psychiatric crisis.  The Crisis Stabilization Unit Family Support Staff will assist the professional staff in necessary shift responsibility e.g., documentation, vital signs and illness educational lectures, supervision of medication self-administration, and setting choice goals, limits and consequences. 

Skills/Knowledge: Experience with SED children preferred.


Educational Requirements: BA in Behavioral Sciences            

Duties/Responsibilities:   Will evaluate telephone contacts, provide appropriate telephone interventions and formulate dispositions for the contact. Will formulate plan for necessary post-crisis visits.  Will evaluate individuals for residential care and assist with providing the required service. Will be responsible for intake appointment scheduling.  All other duties as outlined in current job description.  

Skills/Knowledge:  Must be alert and observant at all times and enjoy working with people.   Must have the ability to interact with consumers in a positive way.    Must have at least two (2) years clinical experience.  Must be knowledgeable of all services provided by Pathways, Inc.

Outpatient Addictions Counselor - Morgan County  

Educational Requirements:   This position requires a Licensed Masters in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling (or in process of obtaining licensure) and be a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC).

Duties/Responsibilities:       The Addiction Counselor’s primary responsibility is that of screening the person who may have a substance abuse problem, working with this person in individual or group therapy or in a psycho-educational offerings, and/or making a referral to other helping agencies.  All other duties as outlined in current job description. 

Skills/Knowledge:     The counselor must be able to relate in a non-threatening manner to clients, communicate with clients and with other members of their family, work with other members of the staff in a cooperative manner, inject new and innovative ideas in the operation of the program, maintain a sense of calmness in a crisis situation, and act appropriately in these situations.


Educational Requirements:  High School Education

Duties/Responsibilities: Serve in a supportive nature to residents of the Morehead Inspiration Center.  Will observe the consumer’s safe and therapeutic withdrawal, assist with handling of telephone contacts, assist with admission and discharge of clients, process paperwork.  All other duties as outlined in current job description. 

Skills/Competencies: Must have a minimum of one (1) year sobriety if recovering.  Should possess or demonstrate a willingness to develop a working knowledge of substance abuse treatment, resources and self-help groups.  Must be able to relate to consumers in a supportive, reassuring, non-judgmental manner.  Must possess good communication skills (written and verbal) and be able to work with other staff members in a cooperative manner.