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IHOP/In-Home Therapist - Gateway

Educational Requirements:        This position prefers a Master’s degree in psychology, social work, or counseling.

Duties/Responsibilities:   The IHOP Therapist will provide in-home treatment and support to families where one or more children are targeted for removal. Services may also be provided in other natural setting appropriate to the preservation effort. The IHOP Therapist will act as an advocate for the family and child with agencies. All other duties as outlined in current job description.

Skills/Knowledge:  Must be able to work well with family members or caregivers and maintain a collaborative relationship with school personnel. Ability to travel to clients homes and provide transportation as needed.

Outpatient/School Based Therapist - Carter County

Educational Requirements:   This position requires a Licensed Masters in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling (or in process of obtaining licensure) or Nursing. The R.N. must have Psychiatric Mental Health Accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Employees will comply with all supervision requirements of their respective Board. 

Duties/Responsibilities:       The Outpatient/School Based Therapist must maintain a caseload of consumers/students and complete accurate, current records of that caseload. This includes the Diagnostic Screening Assessment, Health Assessment (initial and annual), Bio-Psychosocial Assessment (initial and annual), Treatment Plan, Treatment/Service Plan Review, Continuing Care, and Termination Summary. The Outpatient/School Based Therapist will participate in regularly scheduled staffing’s, case conferences, and consultations with other staff, as needed. The Outpatient/School Based Therapist will be available for consultation with other community agencies upon obtaining proper release forms. All other duties outlined in current job description. 

Skills/Knowledge:     One year’s experience in working with the mental health population is recommended but not required. The ability to work therapeutically with the SMI population is desired.  Experience in working with children in a school-based setting is preferred.  The ability to work with children, family, or caregivers, and maintain a collaborative relationship with school personnel is required.