If you are having an emergency or crisis, please CALL 606-324-1141 or 800-562-8909

Crisis Services

Emergency Services

Available for adults and children who find themselves in need of immediate assistance, the toll-free emergency Help Line operates 24 hours, seven days a week. This service will immediately place the caller in contact with a professional who can provide counseling by phone or arrange for a face-to-face consultation. The Help Line also connects callers with all Pathways services.


Crisis Stabilization

Services include brief residential care (up to 14 days) in a therapeutic milieu, thorough assessment of the crisis, individualized intensive therapeutic interventions, medication support, bi-directional referral arrangements with the Pathways Decriminalization and 23-1/2 hour hospital-based observation services, and aftercare referral. The goal is to demonstrate that crisis stabilization services are efficient and effective alternatives to inpatient hospital care. Crisis stabilization is available for adults and for children ages 6-17 with emotional needs in the Pathways region who are at risk for out-of-home placement or hospitalization, or who need “step-down” from hospitalization.


Mobile Crisis Team

The Mobile Crisis Team works across existing program lines to quickly address acute crisis situations and arrive at a disposition that provides the best quality care in the least restrictive environment. The Team’s goals are to reduce involuntary developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities (202B) and mental health (202A) commitments via increased use of existing community resources, to reduce psychiatric hospital admissions, and to facilitate appropriate referrals across all program lines, ensuring access to a full array of community support services to aid in resolving personal crisis.


Walker House

Walker House is a 6-Bed Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) for children ages 6-17, where short-term behavioral and mental health treatment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a structured, community-based, homelike, and therapeutic environment.Children’s CSU is designed to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and reunite children and adolescents quickly with their families. It also functions as therapeutic respite and a “step-down” from psychiatric hospitalization. Walker House is named in memory of Christine A. Walker, a children’s therapist with Pathways. During her career, Christine was instrumental in the development of mental health services for children in the Pathways’ catchment area.


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Rape Victim Services

Rape Victim Services are available to female and male victims of rape, attempted rape, and sexual abuse. Male and female advocates are available 24 hours a day to help the victim cope with the personal, medical and legal aspects of sexual assault and abuse. Advocates meet with the victim at a Pathways office, police departments, Hope’s Place and hospital emergency rooms. The toll free Help Line is available 24 hours a day for victims and significant others. Educational programs are available upon request.

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