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In-Home Outpatient Program (IHOP)

Along with school-based and clinic settings, Pathways offers therapy to families and children with IHOP. This program is designed to be rendered in the home of the child consumer and their family, where we like to say “where the rubber meets the road”.  IHOP therapists are all Master’s level clinicians with skill sets needed for flexibility and success of families.  IHOP will tailor treatment planning to address needs identified as problematic in full collaboration with the consumer and family. The goals will then be continually monitored by utilizing Partners for Change Outcomes Management (PCOMS), a system where consumer rates self in the beginning of treatment/session as well as session topics and relationship with clinician, to determine any needed changes in treatment.  Common referrals to IHOP cover the following issues:


• Mood instability

• Depression

• ADHD strategies for the home for consumer and family

• Trauma

• Grief

• Oppositional Defiance

• Behavior Management

• Anxiety

• Suicidal ideation

• Family issues/Communication

• Parenting Difficult Children


Surveys conducted with families who have received this service say the following:


“Our in-home experience has been great. Our therapist  was very understanding and used steps we hadn’t thought about.”


“We always looked forward to our therapist’s visits. She helped us with temper tantrums, mood swings, attitudes, and a homework schedule with less headaches.”


“It was a rough time for our family. The in-home therapist seemed to give us all a sense of stability. She also helped us get other services we needed, like PUSH, Youth Council and school based. These kids have had a lot to deal with. I can’t put into words how much her presence would help ‘calm’ and ‘comfort’ the kids. She answered their questions and helped them understand things better than I ever could.”


This service is available in all 10 Counties of the Pathways Region. Referral forms can be found on Pathways Website and submitted to the program manager, Scottiann McLain.



Targeted Case Management for Children with SED (Severe Emotional Disability)

Targeted case management is available at different levels depending on need of consumer and family. These targeted case managers are trained in the Wraparound approach to services.  Targeted Case Managers will help consumer, family and treatment team identify strengths, weaknesses and form goals with those things at the forefront.  Services provided by Targeted Case Mangers range from advocacy, resource and service linkages and overall support for child consumer and family needs to be successful and stable in their  home, school and community.


Community Support Services

Community support services are offered in all ten counties as well. This therapeutic service provides trained staff members to work individually with child consumers on skill development out in the community according to suggestions of the treatment team.  According to age and development, activities are designed to give consumers a buddy to develop needed social and coping skills to be successful, hopefully having fun along the way.


Family Liaison Services

This service is provided by a Certified KY Family Peer Support Specialist. This is a unique service, because our Family Liaison, Barb Worden, has lived experience of being the parent of a child with special needs.  Our Family Liaison consults with families all over the region regarding a vast variety of issues families face when gaining knowledge about needed services for their child as well as teaching advocacy skills to family members when they need to get quality services for their child.  Most Family Liaison work is done through consultation on the telephone and supplying families with immediate resources.


KY Family Peer Support Services

This growing service, like the Family Liaison, is unique in the fact that our Certified KY Family Peer Support Specialists too have lived experience of being a parent of a child with SED.  Currently, we have KFPSS in Boyd, Carter and Greenup Counties.



Parents United for Support and Help is a support network for parents of SED children across our region. These Pathways support groups are led by parents in our region who have had lived experience and help other parents be aware of training opportunities as well as increase knowledge regarding advocacy for their child so they can in turn provide peer support to other parents. PUSH meetings have various times and locations and can be found on the Pathways website.


Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH)

ECMH services are assessment and therapeutic services offered for children birth to five years and their families.  Pathways employs a Regional ECMH specialist/Credentialed trainer to provide training and consultation to agencies and individuals who serve the birth to five population.



Transition Aged Youth (TAY)

TAY programming provides wraparound services for SED youth who are likely to need ongoing mental health services into adulthood, or youth who have been in foster care and are transitioning out of the care of DCBS. Youth Councils are also offered throughout the region and helps the TAY population focus on issues of social interaction, education, employment and independent living skills. Youth Council meetings and events vary throughout the region and can be found on the Pathways website.


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