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Hillcrest Hall


Hillcrest Hall is a long-term (approximately four-and-a-half to five months) residential adolescent substance abuse treatment program serving 16 chemically-dependent male youth ages 13 to 18. Consumers progress through the four phases of the program up to graduation.



Our treatment philosophy at Hillcrest Hall involves active participation in the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We provide individual and group therapy to counteract relapse by increasing awareness of problems that trigger “using” behavior. Family participation in treatment is necessary to educate families on the disease concept of addiction to promote healthier methods of communication, conflict resolution and interaction, and to introduce families to Al- Anon and Nar-Anon.



We accept referrals from across the state of Kentucky, but give priority to the Pathways ten-county area. All consumers come to Hillcrest Hall voluntarily. Eligibility is determined by our multidisciplinary staff members who meet and evaluate the consumer's history, as well as results of the intake interview. Consumers should have completed pre-treatment work in preparation for long-term residential care. This work may be done with an outpatient counselor, school counselor, or social worker. Pre-treatment is the process of working through the denial and unsuccessful attempts at controlled use of the drug, resulting in the awareness that the problems and the substance use are seriously linked to each other.



An initial screening can be done by phone. After this screening, if appropriate, a face-to-face interview is arranged. Upon completion of the interview, if appropriate, the consumer is given an admission date. If not appropriate, recommendations are made for a more suitable level of care.


Residential Services

Once admitted, the consumer is given a more in-depth two-week evaluation. This includes a detailed addiction assessment, social history, complete medical examination, and psychological and psychiatric evaluations.



Hillcrest Hall is located in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, approximately 30 miles east of Lexington, four miles off I-64 at exit #110.



If consumers do not have health insurance, or health insurance does not cover addiction treatment, they will pay according to a discount fee scale based on parents’ income and number of dependents in the family. A Kentucky Medicaid card will allow us to try to bill the Federal EPSDT program. If during a consumer’s stay at Hillcrest Hall, he is referred for medical services or other treatment, the cost of those services is the parents’ responsibility and is billed to the parents by the other medical facility.


Hillcrest Hall

209 Davis Road

P.O. Box 285

Mt. Sterling, KY 40353


For more information, call

(859) 498-6574

Toll free in Kentucky

(877) 521-0599




Morehead Inspiration Center


The Morehead Inspiration Center is a long-term residential recovery program for adult men seeking recovery from substance abuse. The program is nine to twelve months. This is a nonprofit organization and an affiliate of the Recovery Kentucky initiative.


The Morehead Inspiration Center serves a population of 100 adult men and offers four levels of recovery which incorporate a social model of recovery, peer support, accountability, daily living skills, job responsibilities, and practical living experiences. Morehead Inspiration Center incorporates the 12 steps with Recovery Dynamics classes, and life skills classes to educate the addict/alcoholic about their disease.


Admission Criteria

• Male, 18 years or older


• In need of non-medical alcohol/other drug withdrawal in a safe environment


• Not in need of acute medical care for any current or long standing condition


Eligibility and Intake Criteria

• Men who are homeless or are marginally housed with a history of addiction


• No history of sexual misconduct


• No propensity for violence as demonstrated in past behavior


• No uncontrolled mental Illness


• Be physically able to participate in the program


• Be capable of living in a group environment


• No court dates within 30 days


About the Program

The recovery program is composed of four basic components:


1. SOS or “Safe Off the Streets”: In this phase the addict/alcoholic can allow his body to become alcohol and drug free. This phase allows the client to assess his condition and determine whether he wants to begin to recover from addiction.


2. Motivational Tracks I and II: Residents in this phase are asked to accomplish assigned tasks. Residents “trudge” to off-site self-help meetings and alcohol and drug education classes.


3. Phase I: This phase of the program offers an effective solution to the problems of addiction and alcoholism. Program goals are recovery from addiction, social wellness, and economic independence.


4. Phase II/Transitional Program: At this phase, the resident may become an Assistant Staff for clients in the motivational or recovery phase of the program or may seek employment in the community while continuing to reside in the facility.


The first step to getting help is to contact the Morehead Inspiration Center at 606-783-0404 for a phone assessment.


PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Statement:  Pathways’ Morehead Inspiration Center has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of sexual conduct between clients, staff, volunteers, contractors, or visitors.  Anonymous reports may be made by calling the PREA hotline toll free at 1-855-700-PREA (7732).   Reports of sexual abuse or harassment that involve possible criminal behavior will be referred to the Kentucky Department of Corrections and Kentucky State Police.

Morehead Inspiration Center


1111 U.S. 60 West

P.O. Box 92

Morehead, KY 40351


Phone: (606) 783-0404

Fax: (606) 783-0422

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