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Women's Services

Women’s Services

Women’s Services is a specialized treatment program focused on women and their families, combining education, intervention, and primary treatment. Treatment is available in an outpatient setting for individual and group therapy in addition to educational classes being offered. Women’s Services provides treatment for domestic violence, sexual abuse, traumatic events, disordered eating, body image disturbance, and mental health/substance abuse treatment for women. Women’s Services also has a Peer Support Specialist on staff to provide added recovery support.  Women’s Services includes Women’s Program, Rape Crisis and Victim Advocacy Services, KIDS NOW Plus Program, Opportunities for Women Program, and START (Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams) Program.  We provide parenting classes which are open to all, and case management services are available to pregnant women who qualify through our KIDS NOW Plus Program and Opportunities for Women Program (must have a child under the age of 18 whose rights have not be terminated).



Rape Crisis and Victim Advocacy Services

Rape Crisis Services provides education, treatment, and support for victims and their families. Victims can be self-referred as well as referred by an outside agency for treatment. Rape Crisis Services provides educational support group meetings for female victims twice a month and provide weekly Women’s Education Group for women who have endured traumatic events.  We also provide treatment and education for anyone suffering from disordered eating and body image disturbance.

Rape Crisis Victim Advocates are on 24 hour call to respond to requests for assistance to victims of rape or sexual assault. In addition to direct services, advocates provide education about the criminal justice system, help victims cope with their emotional reactions to the crime, facilitate communication among agencies, and notify the victim of significant events such as court appearances related to investigation and prosecution in the victim’s case.




KIDS NOW Plus is a program funded by the Early Childhood Initiative using Tobacco Settlement funds to help identify and provide services for women at risk for substance use during pregnancy. KIDS NOW Plus offers program participants case management and referral for treatment services. Two forms of case management services are offered by the KIDS NOW Plus program: 1) direct face-to-face encounters with clients, and 2) telephone contacts to arrange services or to assess needs for referrals to treatment and other services. The program also employs an outreach “pre-treatment” approach to engage women in services, promote abstinence, and help women accept substance abuse and/or behavioral health treatment. This program is only available to Boyd, Carter, Lawrence, Rowan, and Montgomery Counties.



Opportunities for Women (OFW)

Opportunities for Women is a Welfare to Work project and is funded by Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Funds through a subcontract with the University of Kentucky Targeted Assessment Program. Referrals to OFW will be screened for eligibility. One criterion for participants is they must have a child under the age of 18 and their rights must have not been terminated.  OFW provides assessments, education, and case management. OFW assesses for mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, co-dependency, and sexual abuse. OFW can make referrals to substance abuse detox, outpatient counseling, housing, abuse shelters, appointments for children, and community agencies for any other need. OFW provides case management to help obtain needs or link individuals to resources to assist with needs. OFW educates individuals on how to change old behaviors, identify goals for the future, and provide parenting classes. This program is only available to Boyd, Carter, and Lawrence Counties.



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