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About Us

Strengthening Individuals, Serving Families, and Supporting Communities.

In 1966, a group of concerned citizens incorporated the Nineteenth Regional Mental Health / Mental Retardation Board in response to President Kennedy’s initiative to drastically alter the delivery of behavioral health services. As a result, federal funds were issued to establish the Appalachian Comprehensive Care Center to provide behavioral health services in Boyd, Carter, Greenup, and Lawrence counties. Elliott County was added later when statewide districts were formed by the state / federal governments.

In 1972, the name was changed to Lansdowne Comprehensive Care Center, and in 1982 Lansdowne merged with the Cave Run Comprehensive Care Center to become Pathways, Inc. (hereinafter, Pathways). Five additional counties – Bath, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, and Rowan – were added to the catchment area following the merger.

Core Values


Treat all consumers, staff, and community members with respect and dignity.


Ensure consumer services are available, accessible, and provided in a timely manner.


Empower consumers to be full participants in their treatment in the least restrictive environment possible.


Provide services in a fiscally responsible manner while balancing clinical needs and concerns.


Act with competency and knowledge of evidence-based services and best practices to provide efficient, effective, and results-oriented care.


Maintain the public’s trust and confidence in the services we provide.


Provide a professional work environment that supports and empowers employees to reach their highest level of achievement.

We are ready to provide quality care at any time.

Over fifty years from its inception, Pathways employs 450 qualified staff, and offers a wide array of behavioral health services, including intellectual and developmental disabilities support services, mental health, and substance use disorder (prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery) services. Pathways serves over 14,000 unduplicated consumers annually.

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Journey House Women’s Recovery Center is an eight-bed transitional residential facility for adult women seeking recovery from substance use disorders. ALl women admitted need to have dependent Children or are working with DCBS to regain custody of the children. The program is a minimum of five months depending upon the specific needs of each resident. The Journey House offers four phases which incorporate the COR-12 curriculum, individual counseling services, peer support services, case management, including housing and other basic needs, mental health services, group counseling, life skills, financial planning, parenting classes, relapse prevention, and 12-Step Recovery meetings to educate the residents about their addiction.

All residents are provided a safe, therapeutic, and structured environment that promotes recovery, hope, and healing. Eligibility criteria include: females 18 years or older with a history of alcohol/substance use disorder. For more information or to complete a pre-screen assessment, contact Journey House at (606) 326-2873. Journey House is located in Greenup, Kentucky, and referrals are accepted from across the state.

The Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program provides rehabilitative services for adults with Serious Mental ILlness (SMI) and children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) that are designed to maximize reduction of mental disability and restoration of the recipient’s best possible functional levels related to social, personal, and daily living skills. Component services are delivered using a variety of psychiatric rehabilitation techniques and focus on improving daily living skills, self-monitoring of symptoms and side effects, emotional regulation skills, crisis coping skills, and interpersonal skills. Service may be provided individually or in a group setting in all ten counties served by Pathways.

TAYLRD services are provided in Pathways’ two The Drop youth centers. TAYLRD is a program funded by a 2014 grant awarded to Kentucky from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It is designed to encourage young adults to use the skills they learn to give back to their communities and advocate on the local, state, and national level. In addition to The Drop, TAYLRD offers peer support services, case management services, and as appropriate, referral to behavioral health and substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery services. Program staff also assist and empower young adults as they work to navigate youth-serving systems such as juvenile justice, education, foster care, and child welfare. The Drop Youth Center facilities are located at 2516 Carter Avenue in Ashland and at #60 Professional Drive in Louisa.

The Supported Employment Program seeks to promote growth of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities toward higher levels of functioning, greater self-esteem, increased emotional maturity, development of great general competence, and a sense of personal responsibility. The Supported Employment Program seeks out paid positions in the community, in regular work settings, for persons with disabilities. The goal is to place and support individuals in competitive work settings. Some of the services offered are person-centered job selection, job development, job placement, on-site training, ongoing one-on-one employment support and follow-up, advocacy and training, employment counseling, social skill training, and other support as appropriate. Supported Employment opportunities for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities are based in Boyd, Greenup, and Rowan Counties. Services may also be available in other counties within the region as needed.

Pathways’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meets in a group setting and is therapeutic counselling for individuals in need of a more rigorous substance use disorder treatment program. IOP consumers meet with a therapist at least six hours each week and complete a minimum of 24 sessions. During the sessions, clients complete the Matrix Model curriculum which is an effective, evidence-based practice. The sessions focus on early recovery skills, relapse prevention, group therapy, and counseling. Group members are asked to read, complete handouts, and participate in activities. Before attending IOP, all consumers receive a comprehensive assessment with an individualized treatment plan. IOP Services are available in Bath, Carter, Lawrence, Montgomery and Rowan counties.

Pathways offers Vivitrol and Suboxone products for consumers who have been diagnosed with an Opioid Use Disorder and are agreeable to follow the treatment protocol including individual and group therapy, Case Management and Peer Support Services along with Care Coordination. Pathways recognized the need for quality Substance Use services and is committed to be a part of the solution by helping consumers gain sustainable recovery. Services are available in all ten counties served by Pathways.


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